Careful attitude to your vinyl records routinely and properly is what it requires to have the highest sound when you spin them. Luckily, you can find a good helper among the best record cleaning machine, that make this job faster and easier.

But let’s talk about the manual process…

Keep your vinyl record great again

It simply takes a couple of simple actions to keep your vinyl record great as new always.

Standard cleaning tools and options or a 50/50 option of isopropyl alcohol and pure water is an option for typical cleaning. A 70% alcohol service may harm your vinyl records, however not in the advised 50/50 option. Percentages of a baby bath can also be made use of to clean the vinyl record and it can also be cleaned with vpi cleaner.

Once you have all the needed products, you can begin cleaning:

  • Holding the record by edges and identified areas, start cleaning the stylus and place the record on the turntable. If you have an anti-static weapon, use it to reduce the effects of dust.

If you’re utilizing the alcohol-water service, to assist reduce water spots and marks, put a number of drops of Photo Flo with the option. Cleaning in a circular motion with the grooves, rub on the service with a soft, clean wash fabric.

The turntable comes beneficial this moment. Do not get the labels wet when cleaning the vinyl record.

  • Wash the fabric typically in the service and change with a fresh mix when needed.
  • Hold completions of the brush or pad in between your fingers and by hand turn the plate in a clockwise instruction while pushing the brush gently into the grooves if you have a record cleaning brush or pad.
  • Sweep the brush up and away to remove the gunk and use a brush holder or comparable challenge scrub the gunk off the brush, far from the turntable.

Dry clean the vinyl record if it is not really dirty and has been cleaned up routinely; or you can use a soft, clean towel to completely dry the record.

Like most of us, you most likely have greatly stained records by now if you forget cleaning your vinyl records. This requires a somewhat different cleaning method that needs pre-cleaning them. Put the greatly stained records on a clean, soft, lint-free fabric and wet-clean the record in a spiral motion from center to rim. Air-dry or use 100% cotton, lint-free fabric and repeat the actions on the opposite.

You can continue to the normal cleaning actions treatments after pre-cleaning your vinyl.

Use a wet fabric or a moderate furniture polish to clean your vinyl record if their cover is laminated or glossy. You can eliminate the marks or works on the cover with a rubber eraser or a lighter fluid.

You can eliminate the sticker labels, labels, and tape by warming the area with a hair dryer and using a citrus-based cleaner or lighter fluid to remove sticker residue.

There’s absolutely nothing much you can do about cleaning the covers if they are matte surface covers. Since they are already set, you would wind up removing part of the print or color, therefore, making your vinyl records look even worse than dirt. Keep in mind, it simply takes a moment of your time to keep your vinyl record clean and new.